True Health Diagnostics Launches Hereditary Cancer Screening Tool for Primary Care Physicians

FRISCO, Texas, April 27, 2017 – True Health Diagnostics today launched a new product that will help doctors provide patients with earlier-stage detection of hereditary cancers. Primary care physicians can utilize True Health’s genTrue™ hereditary cancer tests to identify individuals with suspected heritable cancer syndrome.

The creation of a hereditary cancer platform broadens True Health’s already available early-detection and disease management programs for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and others. True Health’s goal is to detect disease risk earlier than previously possible, then help patients and doctors develop programs to slow or defeat major diseases.

The genTrue™ hereditary cancer tests identify whether patients carry any of 26 different genes that increase the risk of developing breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, endometrial, gastric, melanoma or pancreatic cancer. Early intervention and proactive treatment could greatly improve patient outcomes.

Doctors at the National Institutes of Health report that “primary care physicians are uniquely situated to identify individuals at increased genetic or environmental risk of cancer.” True Health Diagnostics agrees and has established a program for primary care doctors that addresses the traditional concerns about hereditary cancer testing in the primary care setting.

“Nearly all candidates for hereditary cancer testing are either unaware that testing can tell them if they are at risk, or lack access to specialists for these tests,” said Chris Grottenthaler, CEO of True Health. “True Health is empowering primary care physicians to bring these insights to patients as early as possible, so risks can be reduced and health outcomes improved.”

Not all individuals are candidates for genTrue™ hereditary cancer testing, and testing positive for a specific gene does not mean that a patient has or will develop cancer. A positive test indicates an increased risk for developing that cancer. In addition to increased surveillance protocols, patients who test positive should discuss preventative measures with their doctor. True Health can help doctors and patients connect with genetic counselors and specialists.


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