It’s time to ditch the winter coats and grab a light jacket to head outside for some fresh air and exercise! Why not try one of these activities:

#1. Walking/Jogging/Running/Hiking

All you need is a good pair of shoes and the open road. If hiking: you will need hiking boots, a backpack (to carry water and supplies), and possibly a walking stick. Benefit: Builds up your legs and cardiovascular endurance while soaking up the sun and scenery.

#2. Cycle/Bike Riding

Riding a bike can be mode of transportation as well as a fun workout. Benefit: Taking a path with hills will help tighten and tone your legs, hips, and butt.

#3. Tennis

Requires little equipment (racket and tennis balls) and a partner. Have a small group? Split into pairs or play a round robin (each participant plays everybody once). Take it to the next level and try team sports with family and friends: sand volleyball, soccer, softball, flag football, ultimate frisbee or wiffle ball. Benefit: Sculpts your arms, shoulders, and back muscles.

Tip: Pack an extra water bottle when you head outdoors to make sure you keep hydrated.

– True Health Clinical Health Consultant Jody Drange, RD, CDE, ACSM EP-C


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