True Health partners with SPI to enhance sales team performance

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, June 19, 2019 – True Health®, a leading healthcare solutions provider, has initiated a program to enhance the skills of their sales team and managers by using the SPI-1 platform from Sales Performance International LLC (SPI). This novel program leverages a unique approach to accelerating sales performance enhancement called LPAC.
The LPAC or Learn-Practice-Apply-Coach method enables sellers and managers to quickly understand a selling concept or skill, followed by practicing the skill amongst peers, then applying the skill to a real selling situation or opportunity, resulting in accelerated mastery of key selling competencies.
SPI-1 enables sales leaders to:
• Align sales team competency development with organizational growth strategy and goals
• Accurately assess the skill set of their sellers
• Tailor role-based learning and development plans adapted to the individual needs of sellers
• Provide access to skill enhancement content in a variety of modalities
• Enable sellers to apply newly learned methods to real opportunities
• Perform closed-loop analysis to measure sales team performance improvement

The SPI-1 Platform for integrated sales team performance development

“True Health and SPI have worked diligently to customize and create the SPI-1 platform that delivers a cutting edge selling process, which in turn will focus and drive our 2019 growth initiatives,” says Michael G. Vicari, Chief Commercial Officer for True Health. “We look forward to bringing our transformative services to more patients and clients.”
True Health Group LLC is focused on transforming patient care through integrated diagnostics and healthcare services. True Health Diagnostics LLC, a subsidiary, is a clinical laboratory specializing in earlier-stage diagnosis and prevention of chronic disease, including cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, genetic disorders, autoimmune disease, and more. True Health is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, with operations across the country. More information can be found at
“Sales Performance International is very excited about the opportunity to work in partnership with True Health Diagnostics’ sales team,” says SPI’s CEO, Jurgen Heyman. “We are eager to make this program, leveraging our SPI-1 platform, a great mutual success for both of our companies.”
SPI gives leading global companies a competitive selling edge that drives measurable growth by transforming how they sell. SPI’s unique integration of world-class curriculum, performance technology, and field application tools creates a continuous improvement system for enterprise sales organizations. More information on SPI and the SPI-1 platform can be found at
Together, True Health and Sales Performance International will make a significant impact on health and patient outcomes through sales enhancement training, solution messaging development, and continued learning.

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Mike G. Vicari, Chief Commercial Officer, True Health,, +1(480)329-1278

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