Reducing Stress Through Yoga

Namaste. A common statement said in a yoga class, meaning “I bow to you”. The practice of yoga is a mind & body exercise that provides a sense of peace and stress relief for those who practice.

Stress impacts us physically and psychologically. It can result in headaches, stomach aches, tight muscles, depression and difficulty sleeping. Common reasons for stress among Americans are poor nutrition or health, money, and job pressure.

We handle stress through an outlet of behaviors, both healthy and unhealthy. People who are stressed may resort to smoking, not getting enough exercise and overeating. These behaviors can have an impact on your overall health, and may lead to elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. However, if we combat stress through healthy behaviors such as yoga, a healthy diet and consistent exercise, our health can drastically improve.

Harvard Medical School reports that yoga helps to reduce perceived anxiety and depression, which may improve heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and mood.

Try a yoga class that’s fit for you! A great class for a beginner is hatha yoga, which consists of gentle and slow movements. A more advanced format may be ashtanga and power yoga, which is fast paced and more intense. The great thing about yoga is you can do it just about anywhere—outdoors at parks, at a local community center, gyms, studios, and even on paddleboards.

The second week of April is Women’s Health Week, what will you do this month to decrease your stress level?


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