Quality and Innovation

We believe that quality and innovation are interconnected.

From initial product development to process and service delivery, quality is the core of everything we do. We go the distance to ensure excellence, proactively adopting innovative technology and adding layers of rigorous controls to refine our products. We do this because higher quality health services today translate to better health care and improved patient lives tomorrow. We stand behind our objective to continue to surpass the industry standards of quality.

Ongoing Product Development

We partner with research entities, universities, and laboratories during the early stages of product development at True Health. We carefully consider emerging research and weight it against industry standards and historical evidence. This allows us to remain forward-thinking and uncover the most effective ways to impact patient outcomes.

Highly Skilled, Agile Teams

We employ a team of certified scientists with a wide range of experience and specialties. Our laboratory team holds advanced degrees and specializations in scientific fields such as forensic biology, clinical chemistry, and molecular genetics. We foster an environment of innovation and are confident in implementing new ideas from within.

Advanced Automation

We focus on accuracy and use sophisticated automation technology to help ensure it. This includes a multi-platform robotic sample transport and a programmed sample tracking system to streamline laboratory flow. By continually adopting and refining new automation methods, we maximize test accuracy, improve turnaround time, and increase lab personnel safety.

Built-in Quality Control

We employ quality assurance checks that are above and beyond industry standards. The cornerstone of our quality control process is our laboratory results analysis, which uses an advanced statistical logic program to verify lab results against current and historical data. One of the final stages of our quality control process is an added layer of human touch, in which our credentialed team of laboratory review scientists manually analyzes lab reports to guarantee accuracy.

“Our advanced scientific processes and equipment are only as valuable as the True Health team that stands behind them. I am truly impressed by our team’s commitment to quality, to continuous improvement, to a steadfast focus on accuracy, and to always be keenly aware that every sample provides hope for someone to live a longer, healthier life.”

–Bobbie Sutton, MD, PhD, Laboratory Director for True Health