Progress, Not Perfection

We are just over a month into 2016 and some of my patients have already started to slip into old behaviors. They tell me that they’ve thought about cancelling their Clinical Health Consulting appointment, or they come into the appointment down on themselves because they weren’t as successful as they were in January. I often remind them that they may have slipped*, but they are NOT back at square one.

* Slip: Refers to a situation where an individual briefly returns to a previous behavior (sedentary lifestyle or eating processed foods) for a short period of time; for example, missing 2 out of 4 exercise days or eating out for lunch 2 days in a week).

Some of my clients get into the mindset of, “If I didn’t meet my goal, then I might as well just not go to my coaching appointment.” Or “I ate a candy bar today, so I might as well eat those chips that are in the pantry too.”

Don’t get stuck in the “black and white” or “all or nothing” mentality. Remember that before January 1, you may not have been exercising at all—isn’t 2 days of exercise better than zero? The answer is YES! So simply acknowledge that you may have slipped off track, then finish out the week strong—pack your lunch, schedule an exercise appointment with yourself, go for a walk, etc. And know that next week, you’ll make your health a priority again.
You can do it!

– True Health Clinical Health Consultant Jody Drange, RD, CDE, ACSM EP-C

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