Plan Ahead So Your Kids Get Fed

It’s a challenge to consistently feed our kids and ourselves nutritious meals—especially when you’re a busy parent. But if you go the extra mile on the weekends, it can really pay off throughout the work week.

When I plan and prep ahead of time, I don’t find myself at the drive-through with my daughter ordering fries for Wednesday night’s dinner. Instead, we spend a couple hours together in the kitchen on Sunday, setting ourselves up for success in the days ahead.

Here’s What Works for This Mom-on-the-Go:

  • Fill the grocery cart with staples: frozen vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, natural nut butter, hummus, yogurt, eggs. *Choose whole foods that fit into a variety of meals.*
  • Wash, peel, and cut raw vegetables as soon as you get home. Divide ready-to-eat servings into baggies for lunches, snacks, and salads. Rinse, dry, and divide lettuce/greens so making salads later becomes quick and easy.
  • Hard boil a dozen eggs. They keep all week for on-the-go snacks with apple slices, a quick high-protein breakfast, or slicing over salads.
  • Get the kids in the kitchen and have them help stir up a couple batches of whole-wheat waffles or pancakes. Cook, freeze, and reheat for a quick breakfast item.
  • Roast a whole chicken for Sunday dinner. Slice and shred leftover meat for tacos, to serve over brown rice or a salad, or to add to soup.

– True Health Clinical Health Consultant

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