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Your health can be easy to ignore, especially if you do not have any obvious symptoms of a health issue. But one of the best ways to avoid diabetes, heart disease, rheumatic conditions, and other health problems is to take action before the onset of these life-altering diseases. True Health gives you valuable tools to deliver a clearer picture of these risks—and then helps you do something about it. Here’s how.

1. Testing

2. Insight

3. Empowerment

Step 1.

Get tested

Even if you have a normal lipid panel, it is possible for your True Health lab results to uncover hidden risk for chronic diseases. Why? Because standard bloodwork often fails to tell the whole story. At True Health, we dig deeper. We test for innovative biomarkers that give you and your clinician the early insight you need to take action. Talk to your clinician to find out if our testing is right for you.

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Step 2.

Get insight

Gone are the days of hard-to-decipher lab reports. The easy-to-read True Health report is color-coded like a stoplight—green means “good,” yellow means “increased risk,” and red means “high risk.” This makes it easy for you and your clinician to pinpoint areas for health improvement and develop a treatment plan for your precise health needs.

Step 3.

Get empowered

We offer a personalized health management program to help you understand your True Health lab results and make a plan to improve your health. Our team of health and wellness professionals works directly with you to build a plan of action and help you reach your health goals.

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