One-word sabotage: “Only”

One word might be sabotaging your goals during your quest for health in 2016. Here are 3 reasons you should eliminate the word “only” from your vocabulary this year.

CALORIES – “But I only ate 900 calories today.”

Less isn’t always more, and quality counts. Too many calories from carbohydrates can lead to high insulin levels. High insulin can sabotage weight loss. Instead of focusing on calories, focus on where your calories come from. Have you noticed you’re eating more carbs than lean protein or healthy fat? Try balancing your carbs, proteins and fats.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – “I only worked out twice this week.”

Beating yourself up can sabotage self-efficacy and self-esteem. Take a step back and rethink your goals. If you can’t exercise more often, make the most of your workouts by increasing intensity or duration.

MINIMIZING – “But I only eat that once a week.”

Candy, sweets, fast food, sugar-sweetened drinks… do you partake “only” once a week? Try this: Make a list of the foods you need to limit. Each time you indulge in one, write the date next to it. At the end of one week, how many times did you eat these foods? Was it more than you thought? Next week, limit these or even cut them in half.

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– True Health Clinical Health Consultant Stacie Wheatley, MA, RD, LD


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