New Frisco Company Provides Advanced Diagnostic Services, Including Plac Test

Allison Griffin
December 23, 2014

True Health Diagnostics fosters earlier detection and treatment of heart disease, other conditions.

True Health Diagnostics laboratory in Frisco provides advanced medical testing that can detect heart disease, other conditions years earlier than traditionally possible

True Health Diagnostics laboratory in Frisco provides advanced medical testing that can detect heart disease, other conditions years earlier than traditionally possible

The recently-opened True Health Diagnostics laboratory, which is headquartered in Frisco, is the only company in Texas and one of only a few in the nation with a highly-advanced diagnostic technology that can detect conditions not apparent through customary diagnostic tests. Among the tests offered by True Health Diagnostics is the PLAC test for Lp-PLA2 mass. True Health also will be offering the new PLAC test for Lp-PLA2 activity as soon as it’s available. That test was approved this week by the FDA for early detection of future coronary events among adults with no history of heart disease, particularly among women and especially African-American women.

“Early detection saves lives,” said Kent R. Mitchell, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and COO of True Health Diagnostics. “The innovative testing we offer at our laboratory in Frisco analyzes advanced cholesterol, stress and inflammation, as well as genetic and diabetic/metabolic categories that enable patients and their physicians to detect heart disease and other conditions much earlier, when they can be more easily treated or even reversed.”

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in Texas, afflicting one in three adults, according to the Texas Department of State HealthServices. In 2012, heart disease caused 38,987 deaths in Texas. And yet, traditional diagnostic tests often miss the early signs that could lead to earlier treatment. For example, half of those who have experienced a heart attack had traditional blood tests which reflected “normal” cholesterol levels, according to a study published in the American Heart Journal.

Beyond the cutting-edge diagnostic tools, True Health Diagnostics also provides a range of services to help patients and their physicians after a condition has been detected. Physicians and other healthcare providers have access to proprietary online preventative programs they can integrate into their recommended regimen, and True Health Coaches are available to work one-on-one with patients to provide wellness education and personalized nutrition plans to improve their outcomes.

Since opening its doors a few weeks ago, True Health Diagnostics has been expanding its team of scientists, dieticians, lab technicians and customer service representatives. There is a growing demand for preventative care solutions – including advanced diagnostic services – by physicians, hospitals, clinics, insurers, policymakers and employers who are seeking to address the epidemic of costly life-threatening and chronic conditions; True Health Diagnostics anticipates rapid growth and the creation of additional high quality jobs for North Texans in 2015. Several members of the True Health Diagnostics leadership team also reside in Frisco.

“We are excited about offering our services to the people of Texas and building strong relationships with the North Texas business community,” said Chris Grottenthaler, True Health’s founder and CEO.

As the only advanced diagnostic testing service in Texas, True Health Diagnostics partners with hospitals, clinics, physicians, insurers and employers to provide transparent and accessible solutions for the early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular and other conditions. This enables earlier treatment and even reversal of these conditions to prolong and improve life for thousands of people, while reducing health care costs. Medical practices may request a free patient kit by visiting or calling 972-987-1390.

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