Metabolic Code Announces Partnership with True Health Diagnostics

Boca Raton, FL, November 1, 2016

Metabolic Code today announced a new partnership with True Health Diagnostics that will help clinicians improve healthcare outcomes and empower patients to improve the quality of their health.

Metabolic Code is a cloud-based personalized health platform. Under the new partnership, the platform will be expanded beyond its current labs to use data from patient samples processed by True Health Diagnostics as well as patient lifestyle questionnaires and personal biometrics to help determine an individual’s greatest areas of metabolic risk. Patients will then receive a personalized healthcare plan from their physician that includes customized recommendations for lifestyle adjustments, supplements and other treatments to address specific metabolic abnormalities.

“Partnerships with laboratories like True Health Diagnostics help Metabolic Code realize the full potential of its products,” said Metabolic Code founder and chairman James LaValle. “The future of healthcare is in the nexus between lifestyle medicine, technology and personalized care. The demand for actionable information based on diagnostics and the health of individual patients is greater than anyone could imagine.”

“True Health believes in improving clinical care and patient health through a more personalized approach,” said True Health CEO Chris Grottenthaler. “Metabolic Code shares this vision and we are proud to work with them to better serve our customers and help patients more broadly benefit from our diagnostic insights.”

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About Metabolic Code

Metabolic Code evaluates where a patients’ chemistry is today, and predicts their potential future health risks. Healthcare providers receive a MC Health Assessment and Vitality Report highlighting their patients’ uncovered metabolic imbalances and disruptors before they turn into chronic conditions and accelerate aging, coupled with a personalized plan to optimize their health and vitality. Metabolic Code empowers healthcare providers to Make More, Work Smart, and Deliver Better Health Outcomes.

About True Health Diagnostics
True Health Diagnostics is a health services company, providing advanced clinical services and diagnostic information to help people live longer, healthier lives. The company specializes in earlier-stage prevention and diagnosis of chronic disease, including cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, genetic disorders and a range of metabolic conditions. True Health is a trusted partner of medical professionals because we help them obtain accurate and necessary diagnoses that can improve patient care. True Health is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, with operations across the country. More information can be found at

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