Inhale Your Energy

Too many hours on the computer, long work days, or just busy schedules can lead to afternoon slumps which make that cookie or latte seem irresistible. Next time this happens, say NO to chocolate, candy, and other foods that may give you a short-term boost in energy, but in the long-term actually deplete it. Instead, say YES to beneficial “bellows”! Bhastrika breath, also known as “bellows” breath, is a great way to increase energy and improve alertness without the negative effects to your health that junk food may bring.

Follow these steps for the first session. Then gradually increase the length of each session afterward.

  1. Sit up straight and tall.
  2. Inhale and exhale through your nose forcefully. Keep your mouth closed. You may make a hissing sound.
  3. Breathe from your diaphragm (you should see your belly move out when you inhale and in when you exhale).
  4. Your inhales should be as long as your exhales.
  5. Keep your first session to 15 seconds. Then, gradually increase your time by 5 seconds, until you’re able to work up to one minute.

Tip! Try bellows breath first thing in the morning or before a workout for a helpful boost of energy.

I hope you enjoy the benefits of this readily-available and free form of energy! For more info, check out or

Note: If you are pregnant, or if you have seizures, epilepsy, panic disorder, dizziness, or uncontrolled hypertension, or a breathing or lung problem, check with your doctor to find out if bellows breath is right for you.

– True Health Clinical Health Consultant Allyson Mullis, RCEP, CEP


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