Important Notice for Healthcare Providers and Patients

We would like to provide you with important information regarding the relationship of True Health Diagnostics to Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.). This information may help providers and patients more effectively address collection notices that patients may have recently received from the HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate.

True Health Diagnostics purchased the assets of HDL, Inc.
In September 2015, True Health Diagnostics purchased substantially all of the assets of HDL, Inc. through the bankruptcy process. This purchase focused on assets, and did not include certain account receivables for services performed.

The HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate remains a distinct entity from True Health Diagnostics.
Though HDL, Inc. is no longer an active service-providing company, the HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate still exists to collect money it continues to owe its creditors. The HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate is a distinct entity from True Health Diagnostics. This means that True Health Diagnostics is in no way associated with, nor can it control, any actions the HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate takes, including attempts to collect old accounts receivables from patients.

Any collection notices patients receive from HDL, Inc. are unrelated to True Health Diagnostics.
Patients may have recently received collection notices from HDL, Inc. for laboratory services provided before April 2015. It appears that the HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate has contracted with a collection agency to collect old receivables for these services. True Health Diagnostics is not related to these collection attempts, and has no control over this process. Questions about these collection notices may be directed toward the HDL, Inc. bankruptcy estate or its contracted collection agency.

True Health Diagnostics’ billing policy is clear, consistent, compliant, and patient-centric.
Questions about True Health’s billing policy may be directed toward our Client Services department at the number below.

We thank our healthcare providers and patients for choosing True Health Diagnostics as we work together toward our shared goal of early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic disease.

About True Health Diagnostics
True Health Diagnostics is an advanced clinical laboratory and diagnostics information provider focused on preventing chronic disease in order to empower physicians and other medical specialists to achieve better patient health outcomes. The Texas-based company specializes in innovative biomarkers, which enables healthcare providers to more accurately diagnose, manage, and prevent the progression of cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, diabetes and other metabolic conditions.