A Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

The food of focus for Valentine’s always seems to be chocolate, but why not change it up by indulging in other foods with added health benefits?

Since February is also Heart Health Month, try fitting some RED foods with heart benefits into your day. The following foods are packed with cardio-protective nutrients such as lycopene (reduces your risk for heart disease), vitamin C (reduces inflammation), potassium (helps improve blood pressure), folate (improves arterial elasticity), fiber (helps lower LDL-cholesterol), and other valuable nutrients:

  • Tomatoes: lycopene, vitamin C
  • Red Bell Peppers: vitamin C
  • Strawberries: folate, vitamin C
  • Cherries: fiber, vitamin C, potassium
  • Red beans: fiber, potassium
  • Cranberries: vitamin C, proanthocyanidins (antioxidant)

Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just about food.
Having a meal is only one small part of the day. So here are some ideas for heart-healthy activities to help create a memorable Valentine’s:

  • Go dancing or take a dance lesson
  • Take a walk or bike ride at sunset
  • Do some sight-seeing around town
  • Go ice skating
  • Try something new: rock-wall climbing, yoga, trampoline park, a local cooking class


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