Fuel Up & Gain Energy

Do you feel tired throughout the day? Have you thought about using B12 shots, energy drinks, excessive amounts of caffeine, or prescription drugs to boost your energy level?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, ask yourself: Am I fueling adequately for my day?

As Clinical Health Consultants, we work with patients struggling with a lack of energy on a regular basis. Some of our best success stories come from patients who are fueling their bodies with healthy food and exercising regularly.

Think of your stomach like the fuel tank of your car. You can’t drive more than 3-4 hours without putting gas in the car, right? Your body can’t function without healthy fuel for more than 3-4 hours, either!

Be sure to eat a balanced meal using the portion plate or carb-controlled snack every 3-4 hours to fuel your body for your busy lifestyle. Out and about for more than 3 hours and don’t have time for a meal? Bring a healthy snack in your car or purse to hold you over and keep your energy level up.

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*This blog post originally appeared on the myHDL blog. Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. was recently acquired by True Health Diagnostics.