Diabetes’ Little Brother: Insulin Resistance

Every week I counsel patients on diabetes prevention. A patient might be overweight and have a family history of diabetes, but they haven’t been diagnosed…YET.

“But my A1C is still good, why is my doctor so upset?”

Just because your blood sugar levels are normal, it doesn’t mean your body is doing it efficiently. Imagine a trip from New York to Orlando. Instead of taking Interstate 95 straight there, you take back roads through Kentucky and Alabama. It doesn’t make sense, right? You might eventually get to your destination—or reach normal blood sugar—but it took a whole lot more work to get there.

When you’re healthy, your body makes insulin to help lower your blood sugar levels. But when you have insulin resistance, your tissues ignore the insulin your body makes.. Your brain doesn’t know what else to do…except tell the pancreas to make more insulin! After a while, the pancreas can’t keep up. It can no longer make all the insulin you need to bring down your blood sugar. After a while, your blood sugar levels get out of control and show up in your lab work as high glucose or Hemoglobin A1C.


    • Ask your doctor to check your fasting insulin. If it’s high, you might have insulin resistance.
    • Eat fewer carbs.
    • Move your body more.
    • Lose weight, if needed



  • Skip meals or fast.
  • Drink sugar-sweetened drinks like soda.
  • Gamble your health, just because the numbers seem okay.

–True Health Clinical Health Consultant Stacie Wheatley, MA, RD, LD

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