Health Management for Clinicians

Physicians typically have just four minutes of a patient’s visit to spare for lifestyle guidance.1 We offer a health management program to help your patients understand their report and take action for their best health.

A Comprehensive Program

The aim of our health management program is to reinforce your treatment plans and help your patients achieve optimal health outcomes. Our approach may include:

  • Lab Results Information

  • Customized diet and exercise plans

  • Medication Reminders



  • Follow-up for ongoing lifestyle support

Patients who have received genTrue™ hereditary cancer testing are also eligible to receive support in locating genetic counseling resources.

Our Health Management Team

Our health and wellness professionals are expertly trained behavior motivators who approach patient plans with an ahead-of-the-curve understanding of nutrition, exercise, and disease management. The team includes:

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Registered Nurses
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Tobacco Treatment Specialists

Reinforcing Your Expertise

We ensure that patients understand their health risks, and then use evidence-based strategies to empower sustainable lifestyle changes. Our professional health management team is specially trained to provide behavior motivation based on a patient’s individual circumstances and readiness to change.

The most important part of our health management approach is that we customize each patient’s program according to your stated treatment guidelines. We take the time to encourage adherence to recommended treatment, monitor progress, and reinforce your patient plan.

The Impact of Our Program

An internal study of our health management model shows that interaction with our on-staff health professionals may lead to greater health improvement over just three months.


improves 2.1x more than without health consulting


improve 6.1x more than without health consulting


improves 1.9x more than without health consulting

Published reports have also highlighted the effectiveness of health consulting over and above the usual standard of care.2-4 For example, in the multicenter randomized COACH study, 6 months of health coaching was associated with greater improvements in total cholesterol (3X) and LDL-cholesterol (2.6X), than usual care alone.2

Get Connected

To connect your True Health patients to our health management program, have them call us at 1.877.443.5227 and schedule an appointment.

1 Chen LM, et al. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(20): 1866-1872.

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