True Health is an innovative healthcare services organization dedicated to earlier detection and management of disease.

With the skyrocketing prevalence of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatic conditions, the landscape of healthcare delivery is evolving—with a sharp focus on preventing costly chronic conditions. Clinicians must find ways to administer effective, quality care and empower patients to lead healthier lives. We believe that our multi-line, comprehensive service model is the most effective way to confront chronic disease in the ever-changing healthcare world.

Our companies provide comprehensive diagnostic testing, health management, and clinical integration services to serve clinicians, patients, and healthcare organizations.

Everything begins with understanding.

True Health Diagnostics is a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory leader in comprehensive biomarker testing.

Research shows that patients and providers have a greater chance of managing the risks and outcomes associated with the onset of chronic disease when they have more accurate information about their health. We specialize in the early detection and diagnosis of a spectrum of chronic disease areas, including diabetes, autoimmune, cardiovascular, cancer, genetics, and more.

Quality care starts with the right partners.

True Health Clinical helps patients understand their lab results and transform their health. 

It can be daunting for patients to make lifestyle changes and adhere to complex care plans. True Health offers health management services to help patients understand their lab results and reinforce their clinicians’ treatment plans. Our health and wellness professionals help empower patients to take ownership of their own health and make lasting changes.

Be a service leader in your community.

True Health Outreach is our integrated solution for hospitals, health systems, and large provider groups.

 In many cases, independent hospitals are challenged to stand out and provide comprehensive resources to help improve patient health. We build customized programs that give healthcare organizations a clear and efficient path to delivering quality care. By integrating the True Health service model into their operations, hospitals are able to expand their patient reach and improve access to care in their community.

Navigating the world of healthcare billing.

True Health Financial helps healthcare organizations understand the complex world of healthcare billing.

Medical reimbursement and billing regulations are intricate and constantly changing. Our healthcare billing experts help simplify and streamline the process.  Using a consultative service model, we interface with healthcare stakeholders and organizations to help guide them through complicated payment structures.

As industry financial experts, we offer customized services that are designed to shrink DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), reduce claim denials, and increase collections.

True Health Financial integrates seamlessly into your billing operations to manage the revenue cycle all the way from enrollment to collection:

  • Eligibility & enrollment
  • Order entry
  • Coding
  • Claims processing
  • Denial management
  • Account resolution
  • A/R management
  • Customer service
  • Payment posting
  • Collection

Our experts help your organization better understand the complex billing process, then create a customized plan of action to streamline your billing operations.