5 Green Superfoods for St. Paddy’s Day

Find your inner Irish and go for the green this St Patrick’s Day! Try these five super-charged and nutritious green foods.

    • KALE. Rich in iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and calcium. Try the lacinato variety for a less bitter taste. Try some Kale chips, or even add it to a green smoothie!
    • KIWI. Full of fiber and rich in Vitamin C. Add to fresh salads or salsa for a twist.
    • CABBAGE. Ditch the corn beef and just have the cabbage! Contains cancer-fighting benefits and is loaded with healthy sulfur compounds that aid in detoxification. Try it raw in a vinegar based slaw, make some sauerkraut, lightly steam for a warming dish, or try roasting with olive oil to bring out the smoky sweetness.
    • AVOCADO. Rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E, and fiber, it’s a great addition to smoothies to increase creaminess. Not into smoothies? Try sprinkling avocado slices with chipotle pepper for a spicy snack, or add a guacamole topping to your next meal.

GREEN BANANAS. A good source of potassium and fiber. Also contains resistant starch, which keeps you feeling full longer and also helps control blood sugar. Use it as a “to go” snack and pair it with nuts or some natural nut butter.

So raise your glass and say ”slainte” (pronounced SLAHN-chə) and you will be toasting to health as the Irish do!
– True Health Clinical Health Consultant Allyson Mullis, RCEP, CEP
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